Working on my first book layout project and snapped this quick reference photo to include to the author with the first sketches. Liked the light on the crap on my desk so including it here for posterity.

After listening to Tim Barry’s newest studio album the other day I lamented that felt like I no longer had as significant a connection to new, individual albums like I once did. I figured this had something to do with getting older and lamer.

Then while listening to Episode #128 of the Future of What podcast, the host, Portia Sabin, shared a couple of tidbits — which might be apocryphal — that would help to explain my earlier lamentation.

First she recalled a presentation by the head of Tommy Boy Records in which he pointed out that there were more albums released in 2007 than in the previous 20 years combined. One would imagine that this has only gotten “worse”.

Saban then quoted a study/article — too lazy to go back and listen for the citation — that found that most people stop listening to new music after age 28. Thankfully I fell well outside this statistic for 10 years (ages 28-38) but have probably started to slide into it over the last 10 years.

Really good album from from this Richmond band, featuring a fellow Gainesville ex-pat.

Today’s excitement was a hawk that flew twice into A’s window. S/he stuck around for about an hour squawking at the family of wrens in our porch plant. One of the parent wrens was giving it right back walking in and out of the bush apparently trying to scare the hawk off. At the behest of our own mama bird I finally went off and shooed the beautiful if a bit menacing Hawk off after yelling through the screen didn’t work.

Fascinating look from Austin Kleon at various indexing systems used by writers and the like. Having once applied to — and been accepted into — library school, worked at a library and flirted with reapplying, this is obviously relevant to my interests.

From the archives: mise en scene from Bill & Karol’s (RIP).

An interesting alternative to resolutions, similar to Chris Gillabeau’s word of the year:

The focus of my own 2019 Depth Year was to go deeper with my relationships, and let fewer of these worlds pass me by. I focused on reaching out where 2018 David would not have, saying yes when he would have said no, and speaking up in conversations when he would have stuck to the sidelines. I used a simple question as my compass: “What would it mean to go deeper here?”

I need to think about this some more: does it resonate with what i want in my life or is it for a specific  goal?

From Tynan’s Training Yourself (emphasis added)

What happens if you fail? The absolute most important thing is that you don’t use it as an excuse to stop training. If you do this EVER, your brain will figure out that all it has to do is sabotage you once, and then you don’t have to do the challenging new behavior. To counteract this, I punish myself by making myself do more the next day. This isn’t a punishment meant to make myself feel bad, it’s just a method of making my brain sabotage-resistant.

If I mess up I don’t get down on myself, either. I note the error, think about what it will take to not make the error again, think about how well I’m doing overall, and focus on the importance of knocking it out of the park the next day to keep momentum up.