What started as an odd joke between a couple co-workers with a plastic army man has evolved — since Russia invaded Ukraine — into a kind of Layer Tennis in 3D Art Installation outside the bathrooms on our floor. There was something apolitically simplistic about each addition: First a Ukranian flag, then “Liberty!” quote bubble, etc.

This has dovetailed with what seems like a greater focus on the invasion — and it’s unjustness — and expressions of compassion for the Ukranian people (see SNL opening w/ the Ukranian chorus). This is good because war is bad. But the difference is striking from when the U.S. invaded Iraq or Afghanistan. Where were the Iraqi flag emojis or Afghan artists on network TV then?

So this Layer Tennis thing struck me as part of that mixed with needlessly playful — or at least tone deaf to the horrors of war.

So my contribution was to print out lyrics from Phil Ochs’ “I Ain’t Marching Anymore” and Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War”.

I have Mark Arm’s version as a 7″ and remember vividly Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready’s rendition as part of Bob Dylan’s bday celebration.

In looking for Arm’s version on Bandcamp I came across a bunch of covers — which is a great thing!! Here are some of the most interesting to me.