There was a time — pre-parenthood, etc — that I loved making relational database systems. I can think of 3-4 really good ones I built with my fairly limited knowledge base.

Watching some Python demos earlier today made me curious if I could learn and apply that to web stuff. We shall see.

Tonight was my first day back as a part-time staffer for the Alachua County Labor Party. Most of my time was spent just organizing things in the office for our new staffer, Kimberly, and getting to-do lists set up but I’m really looking forward to what I think is going to be a good year of growth/rebirth for the ACLP.

I’ve served as co-chair with Jenny Brown since we started the Local Organizing Committee (the level of organization below a chapter (which required 250 members)) in 2000 and was the first part-time staffer in 2001 (my first day was Sept. 11, 2001 oddly enough). After building up through the Committee of 100, I left my job at UF and worked full-time for the ACLP for most of 2004 — so I’m excited to be back on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.