Life sort of got away from me there in the very beginning of March, so I missed a few days here. Lots of fun stuff with Avett that may start to sound repetitive. I did come across this beauty and started dreaming big….


Within My Reach, Diving

(Yes, I am listening to Slang as i clickety-clack. Gonna have to play that song next week on Better Off Dead).

Some random thoughts today that might end up as something different/bigger, but right now feel all weirdly connected:

1 / Time. I need more of it and/or the ability to use it. I waste it here in search of something, squander it there because i’m “tired”. Came across Mile 73 yesterday and today read about her quitting her job and this resonated heavily:

I told him I like my job, but I need more time.

2 / Thinking about quitting Facebook again. I’d have 3-4 more hours a week I think collectively (not that that’s how it really works, but…) if it was gone. I’m increasingly hard pressed to identify what i get out of it or my 3 email accounts.

3 / My phone. Ugh, i’ll admit I’m addicted. Checking, checking, checking. It’s reflexive to the point that when I don’t reach for it in the spare moments it feels odd. It may be time to destroy/unplug somehow.

4 / Vitamin D. Don’t know where I read it now (maybe Tammy’s blog) but another BAM! moment thinking about the lack of sunlight I have in my life. It felt acute in Boston when I worked in church basement, but somehow I brainfroze on the fact that I don’t see the sun for 4-5 hour stretches at a time at work in my little office building. Every day I yearn to leave for lunch (esp. now that it’s getting nicer out) and it sunk in today why. I might have to start bringing my laptop more, it may be actually affecting my mood, concentration, outlook.

5 / March is coming up, onto the next of 36 habits. I feel like I stalled out on getting rid of stuff and it might be time to push forward again. Could I really get away with cutting down to, say, 150 books? What about fitting them to my teak shelf from my 5×5 expedit? Keep the next 100 books i want to read and 50 I love?

6 / Came across Cabin Porn (via Huckleberry) and renewed the dream to build a little shack like Nikki’s mom has: Something out on a lake where we can go, read, swim, read, cook & eat, read, talk, walk, live low.

I sometime worry that we’re growing into a set life that might be hard to extract from when/if we want. Makes me more and more interested in selling 1716 sooner than later.

After our wedding our friends Amy and Chad were gracious enough to invite everyone to their house to eat, drink & talk some more! I really wanted to do something like this to have a chance to catch up with friends or family that we didn’t get to see the night before. A lot of folks came by, a lot of food was eaten, and it was a great coda to the wedding.

Afterwards, after the food had been packed up, the tables & chairs folded, and everyone had left, Amy, Chad, Alex and I got to just sit around, enjoy the beautiful evening, drink a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon and talked about marriage, kids and the future.