Janeen and I watched The Giant Mechanical Man tonight. It was a quiet movie about 30-year-olds figuring it out and falling in love. Joyous was a word I thought about after it. Not b/c the movie was so happy or stupendous, it was probably neither, but it was about a search for joy and the simplicity of it, of finding it in a single other person. Maybe only 6-7 thumbs up, but fit nicely into my thinking these days.

Quite unexpectedly, my lovely wife let me sleep in to 9 am (I woke up on my own; I’ve been sleeping pretty lightly lately). Still it was so nice to be able to sleep a little later than 730 am.

To thank Janeen for everything awesome she did for Avett’s birthday, I took her (and lil’ cranker) to Angelette’s for breakfast. We both had our usual — Eggs a la Duane for her, Shrimp & Grits for me. After breakfast we went to the Southwood playground and had fun watching A waddle around, squeal and wear himself out. Then we all went home and had a family nap.

Got Married to Janeen!

It’s gonna be hard to beat the awesome thing I did on December 31, 2010 (which is why this seemed like a good Listcore project for 2011): I got married to Janeen today! And we had a great wedding with a bunch of our close friends, family, great beer and terrific music.

Top that shit, 2011!