One of the nice things about A going to school — besides the fact that I think he loves it and seems to have a great time interacting with the other kids — is that Janeen gets some well-deserved alone time. So we can do stuff like have lunch together. We tried the a new Indian restaurant today on Magnolia which was pretty good. It was nice to have an adult conversation about work and parenting without a little someone screaming 10 minutes into the meal.

Later that night I went to Waterworks and said goodbye to Josh, who used to work for the AFL-CIO here and who’s moving to California to work for the labor movement there. I saw a whopping 8 other people I knew there — which really was kind of unprecedented.

The weather finally cleared up a little bit, so I took the opportunity to bask in the sunlight and walked down to Voodoo Dogs for a hamburger. Yummy and restful while I read through a somewhat insipid but visually engaging book. I figured out that the quick stroll down to the All Saints area is just under 2 miles round-trip.

Today was busy but at lunch I made a salami + provolone sandwich along with a tasty bowl of Progresso New England Clam Chowder. Maybe I was hungry but it was much better than I remember Progresso’s clam chowder being. A delicious midday meal.

Remember: sometimes (often times?) its the small pleasures.