On the way out of town I made an initial pilgrimage to the Chamblin Book Mine. Having seen the the tsunami of books on someone’s instagram feed, I knew I’d have to try and go by on my next trip through Jacksonville. While I found a couple books I’d been looking for — a Zinn book on the New Deal, Wily Vlautin’s Lean on Pete and a Joe Strummer biography — the enormity and, uh, unique organization were a bit overwhelming, especially after a long work weekend.

Somehow at the union conference I was presenting at in Jacksonville, some co-workers and I ended up eating dinner at the Ruth Chris in the hotel. After getting over the ridiculous prices and setting aside the growing anxiety I had about my unfinished presentation the next day, I ordered a ribeye steak that turned out to be—in a word— amazing.

It was perfectly cooked, beautifully seasoned and super tasty.