Janeen had the terrific idea to load up and go to the beach after Avett’s nap. It was a beautiful day and after missing a turn or two we got down to Mashes Sands. Avett wasn’t as overjoyed as I thought he might be, but he was pretty happy. We met another family from Tallahassee who — after some prodding from their dad — shared their toys and sort of took A under their wing. On the way home we stopped at a local joint for some yummy fried seafood, which Avett totally chomped up.

When I came home today, Janeen and Avett were just finishing walking Miles. A was riding his new trike that he loves to ride. As they came down the driveway hill he was smiling — and it was a smile of sure pure joy and hapiness, unfettered by anything. It was the joyous expression of someone doing exactly what they wanted to do. He was soooo happy that it filled my heart.

Avett was screaming a lot today — he’s teething with like 5 teeth coming in at once. I tried giving him a bath before bed but 5 mins in he was screaming and standing up. I took him out to dry him off, but instead of his usual squirming he leaned in a nuzzled into my shoulder for a few minutes, something he’s never really done before. It felt so beautiful.

I’ve been getting home later than I’d like the last few days — which has meant that J cooks dinner while A eats. So by the time we sit down to eat, he’s done. The last 2 nights, so that J could actually enjoy dinner, I’ve taken the restless one into his room to work off some of his energy before his bath and bed. Since he’s close to sleep he’s often delirious with laughter. Last night he walked back and forth across his room giggling any time I said “gonna getcha”. He clutched his little mini beach ball and would fake giving it to me only to pull it back and giggle. That sound and his unbridled joy is such a wonderful thing.

Fresh on the heels of his first birthday, Avett started school this morning. J had been going with him for a few hours a day last week to get him settled. Today we went in together. Avett couldn’t wait to get into all the toys and books and play with the other kids. I had expected J to be a little sad, but I have to admit that I got a little misty watching him walk away to play with the kids.

That night — with A going to bed at 7:30 — we launched into the 4th season of Breaking Bad. I had talked a little with my brother about it, since he and Diane had torn through seasons 1-5 over winter break, but had also forgotten how delightfully put together show it is.

Our little boy turned one today. We had a small group of friends and family over for a birthday party. A was most excited about climbing up and down the steps and playing with the balloons. It was great to catch up with Rachel & Floyd too. Their little boy Luke is getting so big and cuddly.