On manifestos

Increasingly I feel overwhelmed by the streams of to-do’s and information. I stumbled across Focus Manifesto while looking for the omm writer (which I’d seen years ago and forgot to bookmark/save).

Now that I’m looking for ways to avoid distraction it seemed that it might be useful to find.

The Focus Manifesto is something I’m going to look into — it fits together with some of the other things I’ve seen, but I also appreciate the context it puts online-ness in: addiction; that’s how I’ve felt lately. It’s easier to articulate the problem at work — i.e. how do these platforms fit together into what we’re trying to do — but not as easily in my life.

But what is the value of them? How can I best work & live with the fewest number of apps, distractions, tools?


I suppose to some extent this is about crafting a practicing manifesto.