Perhaps my newfound interest in efficiency/lifestyle websites is an early-onset midlife crisis? Maybe it’s my brain’s way of trying to sort out the myriad of changes I’ve gone through in the last 60 days (moved to a new city, for a new job, in a new house and — oh yeah — became a dad).

I’ll admit it feel troubling — like I’m becoming a neo-new age nimwit addicted to self-help guides — but I suspect it’s a mix of the sorting out theory and my interest in learning/doing new things. A few more of the bits I’ve come across recently:

30 Day Challenges — I noticed folks doing such things (and 365-projects), and heard that’s the rough time you need to form new habits, but Good Disruptive Change suggests is not just new habits (i.e. change) but can also be for restarting, renewing, getting unstuck. So, many directions to go in not just one.

Simple Desks — I think I’ll wait to make a great workspace until we move again (ugh).

Lifehacker — maybe becomes a daily read, some good stuff, but could also become a sinkhole b/c it’s not terribly focused. One post reminded me about (where i found a couple friends)