I started a 30 Day Challenge to not drink Coke today. I figured no time better than the present. It was brought on by our trip to Gainesville where I felt like a tub wearing my new shirts that J got me which accentuated my boobs n’ belly.

Not drinking Coke is a pretty minor change in the grand scheme of things, but I think this challenge is as much about will-power and determination, so here we go.

I was really dragging after a night of off-and-on baby sleep. At lunch I really wanted to get out of the office and get some coffee so I walked to All Saints (and stopped at Voodoo Dogs). Of course they had a Coke machine and it was nice and sweaty hot. I got lemonade instead — I suspect in the early days I might do some substitutions to stay on track.

We’re heading to Chicago this weekend and I’m hoping it’s not tough to stick with it.