For about 20 years, this was the kickoff to the season of optimism for Boston Celtics fans. The NBA Draft was where hope sprang eternal. Even the last couple of years as we were coming off Finals/deep Playoff runs I’d put together a wishlist. This year I just haven’t been as plugged in. There are a million little reasons — still feeling stomach punches from the Perkins trade and the Rondo playoff injury, really busy at work, fear of the looming lockout — but this year I’m going into the draft with very little research.

While working on the new client website though, I got caught up a little by listening to the Celtics Stuff Live predraft show.

Of course, nothing can compare to the 7-hour marathon they ran during the 2007 draft (leading up to which I’d been on twice detailing how and why a KG trade could get done under the salary cap). But the Draft still kicks-off my 2nd favorite season: The NBA offseason.

Update: My short-ish list of guys that sound like they’d make a good fit in green:

I’m torn on Reggie Jackson and don’t think I want any part of Tyler Honeycutt.

Would love to buy/trade for another 2nd rounder to be able to grab two or three of Jordan Williams, Nolan Smith, Jeremy Tyler, Jimmy Butler.

I would also think about trading the #25 pick for Eric Maynor and a future 2nd.