Working on my first book layout project and snapped this quick reference photo to include to the author with the first sketches. Liked the light on the crap on my desk so including it here for posterity.

From the archives: mise en scene from Bill & Karol’s (RIP).

Reading Craid Mod’s newsletter this morning was very interesting and makes me want to follow his work more closely. It also sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole on his site.

  • I like that his archived posts just listing the month — just as useful, less granular
  • thought of an idea to do an annual report via ongoing Flickr uploads — in lieu of Instagram, but as a way to document stuff throughout the year
  • also the idea of a regular newsletter
  • CM’s talks page made me think (again) about collecting my talks into one place.
  • also really like the short and long of his about page