2023, Week 1

Album of the week: In Small Rooms by Disband / It’s not quite as aggressive as the stuff I usually listen to, but listening to it… it had the spirit of that 90s scene (even though its from 2003).

non-music highlights:

  • New Year’s Day family hike at Red Bog. Maybe gonna try a weekly hike.
  • Had a terrific visit with one of my college roommates, Howard. After eating at Reggae Shack we walked and talked about adult life crap.
  • Read Dan Sinker’s new blog and got 25 episodes into he and his wife’s podcast, The Hitch.
  • James Hollis on Living in 4D podcast:

“We can try and flee consciousness in many ways, fundamentalism is one. Rather than try to deal with the complexity of real life circumstances, on just fuzzes that overs and says ‘Well this is right and this is wrong. How do i know? Because someone told me so.'”