Just spent 4 hours on a Friday night sorting old computer files. How cathartic to set up a solid filing system and to trash 21,000+ files that were taking up 9.76 GB of space. Sorting through so many duplicate files makes me (a) cringe in horror about USB failures which seemed to happen every other week “way back” in 2007 and (b) so thankful for Dropbox.

A few of the most interesting finds:

  • old Sporting News fantasy basketball spreadsheets where players & teams went up and down in value. Man I loved playing that for 3-4 years in the mid-90s.
  • A to do list from ~ 2008 or so that had “set up Japan trip with Aaron” and “digitize LP files and pare down.” Neither accomplished but it’s funny/sad that I’m probably closer to going to Japan than meeting the other goal.
  • Start & Finish projects I’d forgotten about and some great source docs for Listcore projects.