On vantage points

So today, on my first father’s day as a father, since I’m away from my family I decided to start work on my inaugural XTH Annual Review. I started by doing some reading on how other folks set goals, track them, review their work, etc.

I’m very good at selling myself short and/or underestimating what I can or have done. In that light, it’s interesting (odd even?) to see read some people’s goals/life bucket lists, etc., and realize they are things I’ve done and probably take for granted.

One of Sean’s goals is “Donate more than $1,000 to an important cause.” I currently give $1,000/yr to three different important causes (ACLP, national health care and women’s liberation). Maybe some would quibble on how important those are, but…

The point isn’t to look down on what anyone else sets out to accomplish, but to change how I look at the things I’ve done. I’m gonna try and incorporate that into this first XAR.