version 1.0

The original idea here—knowing that we were getting married on New Year’s Eve, taking a honeymoon and trying to have a baby—was that I’d do something awesome everyday.

I think I invested a bit too much time in the setup/Excel instead of simply documenting. That’ll be the goal in v2.0

Dec-31   –   Got Married!
Jan-1   –   Brunch then drank with Chad & Amy
Jan-2   –   Lunch w/ Howie @ Buddah Belly; Espen’s birthday; Top for dinner; 9 person BANG! Game
Jan-3   –   Drove Nikki to Tampa; Vinyl Fever last buy; Beers with Chad & Howie
Jan-4   –   slept late & 1st PTI of the year
Jan-5   –   Watched a doubleheader: “New Low” + Rondo’s 22 assist game
Jan-6   –   Dinner at Paramount Grill
Jan-7   –   Q and Not U series
Jan-8   –   4 hours of Cosmic Encounters with Andrew/Candi
Jan-9   –   1st day back to work as staffer at LP office
Jan-10   –   Lemuria, Senders, Chirs Wollard @ Atlantic
Jan-11   –   made blog post on PI site for first time
Jan-12   –   heard the new Decemberists record “The King is Dead”
Jan-13   –   saw End of Days a the Hippodrome
Jan-14   –   Beers with Chad after work
Jan-15   –   Drinks with J, Kenny, Amber, Joe, Kenny’s friends, Laura & Will @ Alcove
Jan-16   –   Talked with Matt, Kevin C. @ Ted’s bonfire
Jan-17   –   Watched the Celtics beat Magic with Kenny
Jan-18   –   new staffer Kimberly brough ideas/energy to ACLP meeting
Jan-19   –   Midnight with TB (2x 20ox Cigar City Mudro Brown)
Jan-20   –   first Iguana v3.0 meeting
Jan-21   –   Celtics doubleheader (beat DET, beat UTA)
Jan-22   –   4 hours of Cosmic Encounters with Andrew/Candi (won 2 games)
Jan-23   –   Listen to the Chuck Ragan live record for the first time
Jan-24   –   Welcomed JS back from Vegas
Jan-25   –   Caught up with Skipper Hammond
Jan-26   –   Fellow Worker
Jan-27   –   Kendrick Perkins was back at Center
Jan-28   –   worked on Pts league trades at lunch
Jan-29   –   helped mom organize house
Jan-30   –   celtics beat lakers; iguana production meeting
Jan-31   –   set up my new desk; dinner at Paramount Grill
Feb-1   –
Feb-2   –   heard RViVR LP
Feb-3   –   Saw The Fighter; daytrader @1982
Feb-4   –   set up TeuxDeux
Feb-5   –   coffee & celtics (albeit a loss)
Feb-6   –   wrangled FileMaker Pro @ LP office; watched the 2nd half of the SB with Hood/coenen
Feb-7   –   josh small record on repeat
Feb-8   –   r&b for my birthday + records + crazy heart
Feb-9   –   social media brainstorm (thinking) lunch at Liquid ginger w proink / fellow worker and saw Joe R.
Feb-10   –   junky dinner (soup + fried chicken) while watching the Cetlics/lakers
Feb-11   –   cometbus #54 — first 2 chapters are really good
Feb-12   –   Amber/Kenny’s party
Feb-13   –
Feb-14   –   coq de vin by janeen
Feb-15   –   mumford & sons on spinner
Feb-16   –   cometbus back catalog research
Feb-17   –   dinner at Jones, watched movie Gigantic, then Threat Level Midnight office
Feb-18   –   Saw Yo Bannana Boy’s first show at 1982
Feb-19   –   Layout iguana
Feb-20   –   Matt wilson’s birthday dinner at Leos 706
Feb-21   –   new Twilight Singers record
Feb-22   –   (xxxapp); rode bike to LP meeting/office
Feb-23   –   saw office spaces
Feb-24   –   walked UF w/ janeen after Bistro
Feb-25   –
Feb-26   –   Tim Barry, Grabass, Greeland Is Melting @ Atlantic; dinner with Caitlin, Daniel
Feb-27   –   Jason from Red Collar at 1982
Feb-28   –
Mar-1   –   Points league trades x3
Mar-2   –   H2H league trade; (xxxmastusz)
Mar-3   –   RollsNBowls + Company Men
Mar-4   –   Emergency Labor Meeting
Mar-5   –   Emergency Labor Meeting
Mar-6   –   lunch with John Ocampo
Mar-7   –   called in sick, slept to noon
Mar-8   –   Awake the State rally; Matt Pond/Rocky Votaloto
Mar-9   –
Mar-10   –   Jalen Rose podcast
Mar-11   –   xxxmatusz; recognized as the speaker
Mar-12   –   yard work
Mar-13   –   IG meeting #2
Mar-14   –
Mar-15   –   james ingle post election party & good conversations
Mar-16   –   FOD draft straetgy
Mar-17   –   dinner with jason/laurel, jason/chelsea
Mar-18   –   NIR order w/ new cometbuses
Mar-19   –   macon
Mar-20   –   atlanta – yeah burger, ethiopian, top of hotel
Mar-21   –   macon – bike ride, movie
Mar-22   –   athens – GYBE
Mar-23   –   Cblog baseball draft
Mar-24   –   IG meeting
Mar-25   –   fightbackflorida + dinner at lindsay’s
Mar-26   –   avett brothers @ suwanee fest
Mar-27   –   slept to 1 pm!
Mar-28   –   FOD draft — feel pretty good about team
Mar-29   –   big LP meeting
Mar-30   –   Chuck Klosterman @uf
Mar-31   –   watched Get Low (really good)
Apr-1   –   coffee and IG article research at NE park b/c weather was so nice
Apr-2   –
Apr-3   –
Apr-4   –
Apr-5   –
Apr-6   –
Apr-7   –
Apr-8   –   El Guapos AAA draft
Apr-9   –   drive to ATL, chat with Matt wilson on the way
Apr-10   –   braves/avetts
Apr-11   –
Apr-12   –
Apr-13   –
Apr-14   –
Apr-15   –
Apr-16   –
Apr-17   –
Apr-18   –
Apr-19   –
Apr-20   –
Apr-21   –
Apr-22   –   welcom back iguana party @ Boca
Apr-23   –
Apr-24   –   watched Celtics sweep knicks
Apr-25   –
Apr-26   –
Apr-27   –
Apr-28   –
Apr-29   –
Apr-30   –   dinner with caitlyn, daniel drinkard
May-1   –
May-2   –
May-3   –
May-4   –
May-5   –   Honeymoon
May-6   –   Honeymoon
May-7   –   Honeymoon
May-8   –   Honeymoon
May-9   –   Honeymoon
May-10   –   Honeymoon
May-11   –   Honeymoon
May-12   –   Honeymoon
May-13   –   Honeymoon
May-14   –   Honeymoon
May-15   –   Honeymoon
May-16   –   1/2 day off to get back into swing, 3 PTIs, rode bike to work
May-17   –   beers with Chad after ACLP meeting
May-18   –   decided to try and restart LC010
May-19   –   listened to JB’s ACLP talk and got the wheels turning, wrote notes for ACLP organizing
May-20   –   saw JB at her talk, ate Publix fried chicken
May-21   –   started to clean out my office
May-22   –   watched Tim Wakefield pitch — one of my favorite Red Sox
May-23   –   decided to dust off LC001
May-24   –   Against Me; talked with Dallas at LP meeting
May-25   –   read while watching DAL/OKC game 5
May-26   –
May-27   –   Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs
May-28   –   new shelf & started cleaning office
May-29   –   slept late
May-30   –
May-31   –   El G trade — Walden for Oswalt + Fowler
Jun-1   –
Jun-2   –
Jun-3   –   LCSP
Jun-4   –   LCSP + talk w/ Jonathan from VT
Jun-5   –   Started Bill Simmons’ book
Jun-6   –
Jun-7   –   found urban jacksonville site/podcast
Jun-8   –   visited marti in tampa
Jun-9   –
Jun-10   –
Jun-11   –
Jun-12   –
Jun-13   –
Jun-14   –
Jun-15   –
Jun-16   –
Jun-17   –
Jun-18   – (via:
Jun-19   –   Watched Wakefield pitch at the gym
Jun-20   –   Completed the move over of XTH
Jun-21   –   ALPOCOLYPSE!
Jun-22   –   new cards in Domininon
Jun-23   –   date night– where?
Jun-24   –   dinner at Las Margs for Candice’s bday, the Bull
Jun-25   –   Breking Bad season 3
Jun-26   –   met max for the first time
Jun-27   –   beautiful storm coming home
Jun-28   –   beers with Chad after ACLP meeting (kdis, etc)
Jun-29   –   coded 2 pages with ligthbox-JS code
Jun-30   –   fried chicken for dinner
Jul-1   –   True Blood w/ Satchels + beer
Jul-2   –   LOTR 1
Jul-3   –   LOTR 2
Jul-4   –   finished through Simmons’ pyramid
Jul-5   –   first appt
Jul-6   –   beers with Joe re: Portland trip (also:
Jul-7   –   Blue gill (ran into amy/chad/kids)
Jul-8   –   Heath Bell –> A. McCutchen trade in roto league
Jul-9   –   beers at the bull with amy, chad, trey, lynn
Jul-10   –   came up with new schedule
Jul-11   –   CBDraft starts! got the #21 pick for the Knicks (eddie img) — HORFORD
Jul-12   –   CBD – Tyreke Evans in 2nd round (traded down to get addtl 4th round pick — would have taken Noah)
Jul-13   –   CBD – took David West (missed out on Deng, Tony Parker, Nene);
Jul-14   –
Jul-15   –
Jul-16   –
Jul-17   –
Jul-18   –
Jul-19   –
Jul-20   –
Jul-21   –   finished Breaking Bad s.3
Jul-22   –   best brussel sprouts ever
Jul-23   –   told mom, RFTG with Candi/Andrew
Jul-24   –   met with mom
Jul-25   –   press conf. in CBD
Jul-26   –   stir-fry lunch
Jul-27   –   wheeled & dealed in Baseball leagues
Jul-28   –   Jeff Rowe/How Dare you @1982
Jul-29   –   America art show