Still need to write up a brief intro.

Listcore 001 / Best Albums of the 1990s

The project that formally launched Listcore. Description still a closely guarded state secret. Suffice it to say there’s a rad database involved.

Listcore 002 / NBA contraction & deexpansion draft

I actually did this for a couple of years, but there was one season where I actually went through a nearly complete minor league draft (or at least a starting-five for each team). Bill Simmons later did something similar. I hope I still have the notes/paperwork from this gem.

Listcore 003 / reserved

As-of-yet unplanned compilation of my travels and/or the life and times of my gray mini-van (which I think is how the idea started). I think I have notes for this in my yellow gemstone journal.

April 2019 update: I may fold the van travels into the larger personal history project I’ve kicked around.

Listcore 004 / By Bye Gainesville discography

By Bye Gainesville was, for all intents and purposes, my first mixtape — made on the eve of my departure from my li’l hometown with some of my favorites GNV songs up to that point. BBG then became my label imprint. I’ve lost the link to the terrific mixtape discography page that I found (probably have it at home found it! musicophilia (and also Chris Glass‘)) but BBG also has some series: The Postage Stamp Tapes and For Those About to Graduate… We Salute You. There are a few other one-offs interspersed too.

Listcore 005 / My Top 100 of the 2000s

Unlike LC 001 this one was my attempt to craft a top 100. I have most of the albums on the list, but keep shuffling them around and LC 007 has now gotten in the way of writing the 100 up. Someday.

March 2022 update: I might shift this from the top 100 of the 2000s (2000-2009) to my favorite 20 from the first 20 years of the 21st century.

Lisctore 006 / Ubuntu/ElGuapo history

The history of my fantasy basketball and baseball teams. (This was once going to be a redux of LC 001, but (a) I had too many LCs in progress and far from completion and (b) music blogs in the 2000s took a sharp turn — or so it seemed — toward the obsure.)

Listcore 007 / Collection

Usually when I move, I pack up all my CDs and reevaluate them one-by-one. Sort-of-inspired by Justin’s 500AlbumReviews, I decided to document that dumb process upon our arrival in Tallahassee.

March 2019 Update: I’m concentrating on getting LC 001 restarted, but if/when I pick LC 007 back up, perhaps the more manageable way (given my collection now is > 1,100 combined CDs, 7″s and LPs, is to do it like Pat Hughes was for awhile:  looking at each artist in his collection rather than release.

(Internal editors note: Even though Tumblr is easy to post on, for a project this sized, I think I should move it to WP — with bands & labels as categories other stuff as tags? need to figure out the key diff. between tags and categories. This would also be a good opp to code a theme — or use the theme Reddle or Hum)

Listcore 008 / A Brief History of Music Shows

Inspired by (then) Signal Drench’s concert list, I tried to recreate my History of Developing Tinnitus. I may have to split this into pre- and post-2003 when I stared keeping a detailed list. Unfortunately the period between 1992-1995 would be a great list to have (Hardback and Covered Dish shows)

Listcore 009 / {incomplete} The Matrix

Listcore 010 / {incomplete} 2011 something awesome!

December 2021 update: This has been folded into semi-regular posts at

Listcore 011 / Bottomless Bandcamp

Perhaps the first Start & Finish (#051 for those scoring at home) to migrate to Listcore project. Basically I add any record I read about, come across, etc. to my Bandcamp Wishlist and then randomize which album to listen to next. In the attendant binder albums get either a full box (to buy), an underline (good enough for potential relistening but not purchase) or an X (not my thing). As of April 2021

Listcore 012 / Zettlekasten

Fellow Travellers

Musicophilia — maker of mixes complete with individual and series designs.

New Artillery — formerly Signal Drench, Sebastian seems cut from the same cloth (musically and as a documentarian)