Listcore 001 (link to come) wasn’t my first obsessive, semi-meaningless, soon-to-be unfinished project (that one, c. 1988, will be properly discussed in Listcore 003…someday) but it was the first that I tried to really document & record as a Listcore project. I built a database, had raw files in Excel, even tried butchering some HTML to release it into the world. Of course that was 11 years ago and counting.

After reading through some of Justin’s 500albumreviews today I got a bit nostalgic. At lunch I pulled up the old Listcore 001 file I created and scrolled through the 722 database records. What a great, insane project. And after some more coffee, I decided that I wasn’t gonna give up: LC 001 will not go unfinished! Hell, I even came across a new addition to the madness. I’m going to have to go back and make some changes under the hood, tweak the database, revise some rules and check my math but it’s got some great bones, a good solid foundation.

It’s fitting in some ways because I feel sort of the same way now that I did in 1999 when I started LC 001: a bit worn out on my own music collection, but ravenous about sounds new and old. So much so that I’d actually started to make plans for a new, equally ambitious LC project that will now go on hold until I two of 001, 005 or 010 are finished (or forever like so many before it).