Janeen, Candace and I grabbed dinner before the show at Bistro 1245. I had the usual — Seared Salmon Sandwich & a ceaser salad, always good. Then we went down to 1982 for what was Janeen and I’s first show in months. It was a really good bill; one that I would have gladly stayed all night for even two years ago. But last night was the first time I felt seriously old during and after the show. We left at 12:30 and I felt lame.

Bartender Brian – kind of a mix between Ben Nichols and Frankie Stubbs? Heartfelt if a bit overdone.

Jeff Rowe – First came to know of Jeff as part of Tomorrow the Gallows. I really liked their Rumbleseat-ish brand of political folk. We saw him at Fest9 and he played another good set of songs about Massachusetts and struggling against expectations/history/family.

Aquapanter – Alex Ulloa’s new band (along with members of Young Livers, Army of Ponch) with a soon-to-be-departing drummer, so maybe this is it? Unsurprisingly sounded a lot like Panthro-Don’s Ex-BCSU, but for a lot of us that’s a great thing.

How Dare You – Terrific melodic-punk done by nice folks. Afterwards Janeen and I were wondering why they don’t have more of a following. They play super tight music with positive lyrics, probably too much for cynical scene kids.