Wheeled and dealed in my fantasy leagues

I currently sit 1st, 2nd, 1st and 2nd in my four fantasy baseball leauges. The foruth is just a home-run league so it doesn’t matter much. Hoping to solidify my teams for the last 2 months of the season I made deals in my two keeper leagues.

Field of Dreams / The El Guapos

Traded Carlos Quentin & Francisco Rodriguez
Received Johnny Peralta

Hit by a rash of injuries I got to the point where my DL was maxed out and I really didn’t want to drop anyone to add a replacement injured catcher for Brian McCann. Without the deal I probably would have just waived K-Rod, but Matt had Axford and I figured he might want the handcuff. I got back Peralta who (a) has had a better year than Quentin (who slowed down after a great first 6 weeks) and (b) who plays 3B/SS where I’ve lost Stephen Drew (out for the season) and Adrian Beltre (2 weeks).

CelticsBlog League / The Gainesville Ubuntus

Traded Josh Johnson, Kendrys Morales, Matt Wieters, David Hernandez
Received Jonathan Papelbon, CJ Wilson and Scott Baker

I’ve also been hit with injuries in this 5×5 league but my real need was to upgrade my pitching, which I did for basically nothing of value this season (while maybe slightly downgrading a keeper for next year): Johnson and Morales won’t play again this year; I got an upgrade over Wieters in Y. Molina on the waiver wire; and Hernandez is back to a setup man with Putz back. In exchange I got Baker and Wilson who become my SP2 and SP3, and a top-of-the-line closer in Papelbon. I’ll may also end up adding Mike Adams or Tyler Clippard in exchange for my shakiest SP (Morrow or Hudson).