It poured last night. Maybe because we’re a little higher off the ground, the sound of the rain on our house and the yard is soothing and overwhelming. It was so calming to lie there listening to the deluge as I drifted off to sleep.

Janeen had the terrific idea to load up and go to the beach after Avett’s nap. It was a beautiful day and after missing a turn or two we got down to Mashes Sands. Avett wasn’t as overjoyed as I thought he might be, but he was pretty happy. We met another family from Tallahassee who — after some prodding from their dad — shared their toys and sort of took A under their wing. On the way home we stopped at a local joint for some yummy fried seafood, which Avett totally chomped up.

One of the nice things about A going to school — besides the fact that I think he loves it and seems to have a great time interacting with the other kids — is that Janeen gets some well-deserved alone time. So we can do stuff like have lunch together. We tried the a new Indian restaurant today on Magnolia which was pretty good. It was nice to have an adult conversation about work and parenting without a little someone screaming 10 minutes into the meal.

Later that night I went to Waterworks and said goodbye to Josh, who used to work for the AFL-CIO here and who’s moving to California to work for the labor movement there. I saw a whopping 8 other people I knew there — which really was kind of unprecedented.

The weather finally cleared up a little bit, so I took the opportunity to bask in the sunlight and walked down to Voodoo Dogs for a hamburger. Yummy and restful while I read through a somewhat insipid but visually engaging book. I figured out that the quick stroll down to the All Saints area is just under 2 miles round-trip.

Life sort of got away from me there in the very beginning of March, so I missed a few days here. Lots of fun stuff with Avett that may start to sound repetitive. I did come across this beauty and started dreaming big….