This semester I’m co-DJing Better Off Dead, the punk show on WVFS. This was my second show and I felt really good about it — good flow, fun songs, etc. Tonight’s lineup was:

  • Hot Water Music
  • How Dare You
  • The Rountineers
  • Highway 66
  • Scream
  • Rain
  • 3
  • One Last Wish
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves
  • Radon
  • Title Fight
  • Iceage
  • The Cramps
  • Braid
  • Little League
  • Small Talk
  • Post Teens
  • Bridge & Tunnel
  • Loved Ones
  • Slang
  • Drive Like Jehu
  • Embrace,
  • True Feedback Story
  • Chuck Ragan
  • The Get Up Kids
  • Bitchin’
  • The Descendants
  • Channels,
  • White Fang
  • Travelling
  • I Hate Myself
  • 1 Speed Bike

I’ve been working (sporadically) to get a small site up with the episodes up so folks could download and listen to — hope to have it done by the end of the semester.

It’s been more than a year since Janeen and I went to the movies — having seen “We Bought a Zoo” a few weeks before A was born. So when I surprisingly got a day off for President’s Day as part of our newly bargained contract, we decided to go to the movies. Unfortunately we were left deciding between a Nicholas Sparks film that Ebert Roper described as “nuttier and cornier than the snack-food aisle”, a Zombie-ish movie (“Warm Bodies”) and Identity Thief. We went with the latter assuming it’d be the least risky. So after a tasty Indian lunch we used up the last our our AMC gift care we got as a wedding gift (2+ years ago…)

It was about what I thought it’d be: amusing, laugh-out-loud-funny in parts, and largely forgettable. But it was fun — and felt a bit decadent – to go to the movies in the middle of the day with my lovely wife. I’m guessing that now that A’s in school we’ll be back before a year — esp. when we have 4-day weeks in the summer!

Quite unexpectedly, my lovely wife let me sleep in to 9 am (I woke up on my own; I’ve been sleeping pretty lightly lately). Still it was so nice to be able to sleep a little later than 730 am.

My brother Eric lives in Wisconsin and we don’t always make the time to talk on the phone. He’s a super guy, really smart and funny and a great teacher/thinker — in and out of the classroom. After we cooked dinner and put A to bed Eric and I talked for about an hour about family, Lost, boundaries, and radio.

Earlier that day we took A out on his new trike that he loves riding in. We walked around Southwood for about an hour.

I’ve been getting home later than I’d like the last few days — which has meant that J cooks dinner while A eats. So by the time we sit down to eat, he’s done. The last 2 nights, so that J could actually enjoy dinner, I’ve taken the restless one into his room to work off some of his energy before his bath and bed. Since he’s close to sleep he’s often delirious with laughter. Last night he walked back and forth across his room giggling any time I said “gonna getcha”. He clutched his little mini beach ball and would fake giving it to me only to pull it back and giggle. That sound and his unbridled joy is such a wonderful thing.

Matt Pryor was in the Get Up Kids (among other bands) and I just came across him podcast, Nothing to Write Home About. It’s really engaging — I’ve torn through ~ 6 hours of episodes in a day and half — mostly because he’s a great host in the mold of Terry Gross, et al., who guides the discussion with great, but infrequent questions. It really is more like an extended conversation between friends than an interview. I also love there’s a lot of interesting discussion about work — whether it’s tour managing, running a print shop, booking shows or being a touring musician.

I put together a pretty good trade in my H2H fantasy basketball league. This one was pretty quick and easy. I labored over a few iterations but ultimately the 1st offer I made was accepted by Webskins:

GC trade Daniel Gibson, Stephen Jackson, TTTF #1 pick (~#20)
Webskins trade Lavoy Allen, Jodie Meeks, Webskins #2 pick (~#23), GC #2 pick (~28)

Meeks and Gibson are pretty similar guys — though Meeks is actually playing and is a couple years younger. I was pretty close to waiving Jackson for Bernard James, so moving him for Allen (who’s similar but further along developmentally than James) and my 2nd rounder back for the cost of moving down ~4 spots seems like an very solid get.

Fresh on the heels of his first birthday, Avett started school this morning. J had been going with him for a few hours a day last week to get him settled. Today we went in together. Avett couldn’t wait to get into all the toys and books and play with the other kids. I had expected J to be a little sad, but I have to admit that I got a little misty watching him walk away to play with the kids.

That night — with A going to bed at 7:30 — we launched into the 4th season of Breaking Bad. I had talked a little with my brother about it, since he and Diane had torn through seasons 1-5 over winter break, but had also forgotten how delightfully put together show it is.

To thank Janeen for everything awesome she did for Avett’s birthday, I took her (and lil’ cranker) to Angelette’s for breakfast. We both had our usual — Eggs a la Duane for her, Shrimp & Grits for me. After breakfast we went to the Southwood playground and had fun watching A waddle around, squeal and wear himself out. Then we all went home and had a family nap.