Continued celebrating with friends

Lots of friends were still in town for the wedding and I took advantage, getting together with a bunch of them.

First, after running around to get keys to CMC so we could help Chad and Alex unload the chairs we borrowed for the brunch, Howard and I grabbed lunch at Buddha Belly. Howard is one of my oldest friends but we don’t get to see each other much since he lives in Olympia. We’ve been through a lot together, shared two different houses (including the HAM House), gotten in some good fights (right Jerky?!) but have always had a good, honest relationship. Much like talking with Chad & Amy after the brunch, talking with Howard about parenthood, adulthood and the future was a great addition to the weekend.

After lunch, Howie split to catch up with James — such is life for Gainesville ex-pats on whirlwind return trips — and Janeen and I went over to Candi’s for to meet Erika & Arne’s son, Espen and celebrate his 2nd birthday. Any birthday where you can drink beer and hang out with little kids is an awesome time.

After resting up a dozen or so friends got together at the Top for dinner. More beer and kids and good food!

We ended the evening back at Candi & Andrew’s with a 9-person game of Bang. Of course stupid Jason didn’t trust me that I was his deputy and shot me early on in Game 1. He will never let that down (since I won’t let him).

After our wedding our friends Amy and Chad were gracious enough to invite everyone to their house to eat, drink & talk some more! I really wanted to do something like this to have a chance to catch up with friends or family that we didn’t get to see the night before. A lot of folks came by, a lot of food was eaten, and it was a great coda to the wedding.

Afterwards, after the food had been packed up, the tables & chairs folded, and everyone had left, Amy, Chad, Alex and I got to just sit around, enjoy the beautiful evening, drink a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon and talked about marriage, kids and the future.

Got Married to Janeen!

It’s gonna be hard to beat the awesome thing I did on December 31, 2010 (which is why this seemed like a good Listcore project for 2011): I got married to Janeen today! And we had a great wedding with a bunch of our close friends, family, great beer and terrific music.

Top that shit, 2011!

Amusingly ambitious ideas from a long abandoned 1st attempt at this (during what was likely my first foray into WordPress):

Seeking inspiration this was started to: grease the wheels, grist the mill, prep the grindstone. Two ideas which require some initial follow through, then large amounts of neglect:

  1. a daily photo site with my friend A in California — this would make the amount of daily/weekly work a bit more manageable, plus he and I have long talked of doing something collaborative.
  2. a quarterly(?) web-based publication — the goals would be to create and to practice design, a la Blue Fire Hereafter. The biggest obstacle I think would be producing/procuring content. But maybe once it took off I could get friends to submit. Though that went over like a lead balloon with the CD I made last fall.