GC’s Yahoo! H2H League Constitution


This is a long-term league made up of 20 dedicated GMs. Most of us have invested 4, 5 6, up to 8 years of our time playing and building our teams. No one is forcing anyone to be a part of this league. But if you are going to be in it there is a reasonable expectation that you will (a) follow the rules that we’ve collectively decided on and (b) communicate with the commissioner if you have a question, issue or problem with the league, rules, another GM, etc.

Every GM has a different level of involvement in this league. The rules we’ve put together aren’t to make it more difficult, but rather to allow 20 different meatheads with differing levels of commitment, from all over the country/world, of different ages, different temprements, differing access to a computer during the day, etc. to coexist and have a kick-butt league.

I. General

  1. This is a 20-team dynasty league using 11-category H2H scoring. Gainesville Celtic (reachable via PM on Celticsblog or via email at mark<at>10thumbs.org) serves as the commissioner.
  2. Each team keeps their full roster of players from year-to-year.
  3. The league uses the following 16 roster positions per team:
    – 2 x PG
    – 2 x SG
    – 2 x SF
    – 2 x PF
    – 2 x C
    – 1 x Utility (Util) slot
    – 5 x bench (BN) slots
  4. The league scoring is done on the following 11 categories:
    – Field Goals Made (FGM)
    – Field Goal Percentage (FG%)
    – Free Throws Made (FTM)
    – Free Throw Percentage (FT%)
    – 3-point Shots Made (3PTM)
    – Points Scored (PTS)
    – Total Rebounds (REB)
    – Assists (AST)
    – Steals (ST)
    – Blocked Shots (BLK)
    – Turnovers (TO)
  5. Each GM should provide commissioner with a valid email address. It is a GM’s responsibility to notify the commissioner of any change to their email address.
  6. GM activity, especially in a head-to-head format league, is vital. GMs who are inactive without a roster move, post, or other demonstrable proof of logging on and checking one’s lineup for 7 straight days are issued a warning. A second warning is grounds for replacement in the league. 14 straight days of inactivity is also grounds for replacement.
  7. GM’s will be replaced on a first-come, first-served basis at the discretion of the commissioner. If a departing GM wishes to nominate his/her replacement, the commissioner will consider that replacement’s candidacy.
  8. At the end of the season the commissioner will conduct an Games Played Audit of the 12 non-playoff teams. For each player with either an O-Rank or Season (total) Rank of 100 or better which misses more than 20 games that he plays in real life (i.e. Basketball Reference “games played” minus Y! Team Log “GP” > 20 games) that team shall be penalized 5 post-lottery draft spots. GMs may appeal this penalty to the league. Reversal requires an majority vote (i.e. 11 votes).2
  9. For any rule not covered in this constitution, the default Yahoo! rules will apply.
  10. REVISED A majority vote is required to amend any league rule. A quorum of 15 votes (including abstentions) is necessary for any amendment to pass.1,5

II. Rookie Draft

  1. REVISED The league will hold a rookie draft each season in mid-August.6
  2. Draft order is determined by the following:
    • A lottery will be held to determine the draft order for all 12 non-playoff teams. Each team will get assigned to a corresponding team in the NBA Lottery (where the last place team is assigned to last place NBA team, the second to last to the 2nd to last NBA, and so on). Each of these teams will have the chance to move into the top 3 of the draft, based on the chances of the corresponding NBA teams. As with the NBA draft, picks 4-12 will be in reverse order of finish. Therefore, the worst pick the team with the worst record can finish with is pick #4.
    • Picks 13-18 will be in the reverse order of finish, where the team with the lower winning percentage gets the lower # pick.
    • The league winner automatically gets #20 pick in the draft, regardless of regular season finish, and league runner-up gets the #19 pick.
    • Second round picks will be slotted in the reverse order of regular season finish, regardless of lottery results or Finals appearance.
  1. The rookie draft will be held on the CelticsBlog.com forums. Any GM unable to participate can send the commissioner or a proxy an ordered list of picks to choose from.
  2. Teams have 10 minutes to make 1st round picks; 5 minutes to make 2nd round picks.
  3. The time listed next to each pick in the draft thread’s original post is the time the pick is due. Any GM who fails to post a selection by the deadline and who has not sent the commissioner a sufficient list of preferences will be assigned the highest remaining ranked draft pick based on the results of the actual NBA draft from earlier that summer.
  4. Future draft picks may be traded on draft day, but no further than one year into the future. This is also true for trades made after the draft or during the regular season.
  5. The period from the Rookie Draft to the League Cut Down Date — which is usually roughly two weeks before the start of the regular season — is the only time that teams may carry more than 16 players.

III. Season Play

  1. Teams must cut down rosters to 16 players by the date announced by the commissioner.
  2. Any team that wants to retain the rights to a player playing overseas must continuously keep open a roster spot for that player (except during the period discussed in #17 above). Filling that empty roster slot with a free agent or via trade releases any claim on the overseas player, who becomes a free agent available for pickup by another team once that player is added to the Yahoo! list of players.
  3. Begining with the first day of the NBA season, each team may have a maximum of 2 players total listed as N/A in the Y! system and/or overseas players as described in #19 above.3
  4. Waiver claims can only be submitted for players who are on the Yahoo! list of available players.
  5. REVISED Each team may make a maximum of 50 roster moves during the regular season. Teams are limited to 2 moves a week during the playoffs.7
  6. Trades shall have a 1 day approval period, to allow league GMs to review and exercise veto, if necessary. One-third of league GMs exercising veto power (e.g., at least 7) are required to overturn any trade.1 Trades must be submitted, not approved, by any relevant deadline (i.e. cutdown date, in-season trade deadline, etc.).4
  7. Waivers will be 1 day and will be by a continual rolling list that does not carry over from year to year. Waiver order is reset at the beginning of each season to the reverse order of the first round of the draft, with the league Finalists from the previous season owning the waiver priority #1 and #2, followed by the highest winning percentage teams from the previous season (except those teams that have improved their draft position based on lottery results), etc.

IV. Trades and Vetoes

  1. Trades must be confirmed via PM or email by both parties to Gainesville Celtic, both during the offseason (when Yahoo! league pages are unavailable) and during the season. This is especially important when draft picks are involved; a running log of all trades will help track ownership of draft picks. Trade confirmation MUST include a list from each GM involved of all players and/or picks being traded.
  2. Trades may not include draft picks that are more than one full year/season into the future.
  3. First round draft picks may be traded with protections. If protection is triggered, a second round draft pick must be conveyed instead.
  4. Second round draft picks may not be traded with protections. Any team that trades a protected first rounder may not also trade a second round pick during the regular season.
  5. It is the responsibility of all GMs to assist the commissioner in tracking picks owed/debited (via the trade log and roster pages on the league website: www.10thumbs.org/h2h).
  6. Trades may be vetoed by a 1/3 vote by the rest of the league (7 GMs). Vetoed trades are immediately voided, and GMs are free to rework any voided trade.1

History of Proposed and Passed Amendments

Summer 2012: Validated by league vote: Amendments require majority ote from the 20 GMs (e.g., 11 or more).1 (Later amended in Summer 20155)

September 2014 (GC’s Yahoo! H2H League 2014 Constitutional Convention)

  1. Games played audit; Passed 15-0.2
  2. Max limit of two NA + overseas (non-NBA roster) players on a team’s roster; Passed 14-1.3
  3. Increase trade review period to two days; Failed 7-7-1.
  4. Change start-of-season waiver order to regular season winning % instead of league champ/runner-up getting spots 1 & 2; Failed 7-5-3.
  5. New GMs must wait 2 months to trade top 50 (o-rank) players or #1 picks; Failed 9-6-0.
  6. June-Sep. moratorium; Next year’s picks tradable Sep. 1; Failed 9-6-1.

August 2015 (GC’s Yahoo! H2H League 2015 Constitutional Convention)

  1. Clarify difference between trade submission and approval dates; Passed by acclimation.4
  2. Revised vote totals needed for amendments (Change from 11 yes votes to majority votes with quorum of 15 GMs); Passed 12-0-1.5
  3. Move rookie draft to mid-August from mid-September; Passed 13-2-0.6
  4. Increased moves-per-week during the playoffs from 1 to 2; Passed 12-3-0.7
  5. Stretch rookie draft across 2 days instead of 1; Failed 7-5-2.